15 Easy Tips For Anti Aging Skin Care Routine You Can Follow Every Day

6. What else should you include in your anti aging skin care routine?

What about exfoliation?

Get into the habit of exfoliating the skin at least once a week, no more than twice. You could buy a natural scrub or make one yourself with sugar and olive oil.

Use it on facial skin or body and remove with warm water. Exfoliating the skin will get rid of dead cells giving you clearer skin.

For an affordable natural exfoliator with no parabens or phthalates try St. Ives, Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub.

7. Seven is for facial masks.

Now that you have feed the skin internally, let’s feed it externally. Applying a facial mask twice or three times a week, ideally after exfoliation will really boost the skin.

Buy an anti aging skin care mask or make your own. This one is great for mature skin: mix extra virgin olive oil with and egg and Manuka honey. Apply over the skin for twenty minutes and rinse off with warm water.

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