6 Big Mistakes Preventing you from losing weight

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  1. You fail to eat before working outside

You might not inhale thousands of calories each meal, but the time you choose to eat and exercise might align with these martial arts fighters.  Sumo wrestler intentionally eats and train when their metabolism is at its lowest to gain weight.  They accomplish this by exercising on an empty stomach.   As a result, their metabolism plummets, their system enters starvation mode, and their bodies cling to every calorie they consume thereafter.  So unless you’re training for the ring, grab some fuel before workout out it will rev up your metabolism and prevent those pounds from piling on.

  1. You call for the Takeout

Your hectic schedule might tempt you to order out.  But resorting to takeout when you are in a rush can dump your day’s health and fitness efforts down the garbage chute.  Fast food inconvenient, but a speed meal doesn’t make up for the junk you shovel in your system.  On days when you are running around, stock your car with healthy snacks like apples, bananas, and granola bars so you don’t find your pushing machine buttons later on.  If you sense a busy day approaching, plan quick and simple meals ahead of time.

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