6 Big Mistakes Preventing you from losing weight

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  1. You cut out carbs From your Diet Plan

Oftentimes, people thinking dodging carbs and dialing up their protein intake is the key to lose weight.  This habit couldn’t be more destructive to your weight loss goals,  the trick to successful weight loss lies in a balanced diet, meaning eating food from all food groups.  Each group has its own list of vital nutrients to offer, and neglecting one group leads to malnutrition.  Malnutrition can spark the intense craving for junk food, sweet, and fast food and falling victim can wreak havoc on your diet  Eating a balanced diet is good for your health and will melt excess weight for the long term.

  1. You Abandon your cardio exercises During your workout.

In an attempt to lose weight, you might find yourself going hard with the crunches, but soft with the cardio.  Strength training is great for toning up and building muscle,  but when it comes to shedding pounds, this form of exercises doesn’t cut it.  Cardio revs up your metabolism, blasts calories, and keeps your heart rate in check.  Research shows that short period of high-intensity bursts of energy will help battle the bulge more than moderate workout or strength training.

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