Fast Natural way to remove facial hair

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Besides the fact that it is particularly uncomfortable, being very painful, waxing is different from other hair removal methods, especially by the high temperature that it does implies. Hot wax applied to the skin, gradually destroys not only its sensitivity, but it is producing vasodilation  of the subcutaneous, which in time can lead to the chronic dilation of the veins beneath the skin. Dilation represents the early stage in the evolution of varicose veins.

Also waxing is aggressive to the skin, so the high temperature destroys the nerve endings in the skin. The hair roots are destroyed, followed by regeneration, but the repeated destruction at this level can cause cellular abnormalities and atrophy of hair follicles resulting the loss of the youthful aspect of the skin, thickening them. And waxing can be made using several methods, one of them being wax hair removal salon which is using the same wax several times, from one woman to another. Unfortunately during hair removal wax one or more hair follicles can bleed and high temperature at which the wax is used in containers is not large enough to kill some microbes.

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