Here’s What It Is, Sugar Is Not The Main Cause Of Cavities In Your Mouth

The Core Microbiome

Most people have roughly 150 different types of microbes living in their mouths; this includes the helpful microbes that can provide protection against conditions like thrush, which is a yeast infection of the mouth. This population of microbes is referred to as the core microbiome. Researchers are learning that a healthy core microbiome is required for good oral hygiene. In fact, cavities are among the issues that can arise without the right balance of microbes in your mouth.

About Plaque

This is a biofilm formed by many of the microbes on teeth. The term biofilm is used for a colony of microbes that adhere to a particular surface. These microbes in plaque communicate with each other via molecular signals and the swapping of genetic material. Over time, the biofilm community can develop a kind of circulatory system that enables water and nutrients to be distributed. The microbes that make up the biofilm need to eat. Many of these microbes get their energy from sugar and release acid as a waste product.

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